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Mission month 2021

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    The opportunity to reach out to people in need of God's love is just a door-step away. However, the ever-changing social context can be challenging as people want to know the relevancy of God in their lives.

    As the ''Annual Mission Month'' approaches, we want to be equipped with the tools to reach out to a different generation of people.

    With that said, we want to encourage all believers to sign up for the upcoming video lessons to prepare our hearts for a fruitful time of harvesting.

    There are also video testimonies to encourage us to prepare our hearts for the coming event.

    When we listen to people who are involved in serving the community, it should encourage us to serve as well, because of the enrichment one can receive when one gives. Let us know when you are ready to join us in reaching out to people in need.

    Here's another testimony to encourage us to take up the challenge to serve people.

    Need to know how you can serve alongside us? Send us your feedback and we'll get in touch with you asap.

    The testimony from Brother Lian Chye is so touching and powerful. Why do people like him go the distance in serving Jesus when he is just recovering from illness. Listen in and find out the reason.

    Listen to the real life story of a prison gang leader touched by God.